The main service that we provide is the provision of armed security at sea. We are ready to provide our team of operatives with extensive experience in maritime security sector. All our security operators are former military personnel with experience in the Army and Naval forces.

Iron Navy Company provides security solutions tailored for the East Africa’s and Indian Ocean region.

Our team is an armed security unit. They use professional equipment and ready to respond to any type of emergency. They participate in advanced security preparations and perform the day-to-day protective security functions. Also, they are members of an Emergency Rescue Team.


The HRA (High Risk Area) defines itself by where pirate activity and/ or attacks have taken place. High Risk Area (HRA) is an area bounded by the Yemeni and Somali Territorial Seas and Exclusive Economic Zones in its eastern and southern reaches. The HRA as defined by Iron Navy Company is an area bounded by 15°N in the Red Sea, 25°N Strait of Hormuz, 78°E the Horn of India and 10°S.

Iron Navy Company work and perform all procedures and company policies in conjunction with BMP5 definition but maintain that Iron Navy Company’s extended definition of HRA is the primary operating definition for operations performed. When referring to HRA, it should be Iron Navy Company’s definition of HRA unless otherwise specified.

  • Sri Lanka – Colombo, Galle

  • Egypt – Cairo, Port Said, Suez

  • South Africa – Durban, Richards Bay

  • UAE – Dubai, Fujairah

  • Oman – Muscat

  • Djibouti – Djibouti

  • Comoros – Moroni

  • Mauritius – Port Louis