Our vision is based on establishing high standard professional units which combine the ability of fully understanding a Customer’s security needs and commercial necessities in one package.

Iron Navy Company maintains the company ethos around qualified and experienced security teams.

Our operational vision is based on maintaining top quality security teams with the judgment to anticipate any in-coming violent incident and the skills to deal with events without inconvenience and avoid raising already existing risk to the Customer. This has become possible only using the highest quality Personnel and the most advanced security equipment available.

Iron Navy Company is committed to the following values:

  • To protect life.

  • To establish security teams oriented towards Customer requirements.

  • To maintain the highest standards of the Land and Maritime security industry.

  • To ensure safe voyages with no interference or delays.

  • To assure the safe completion of the Customer’s travel plan if possible.

  • To ensure that, should an incident occur, it will be terminated as soon as possible and before it becomes violent.

  • To be continually updated about all innovations in the Land and Maritime security market.

  • To use firearms only as a last resort and only after all other nonlethal counter measures have been employed and then only according to RUF policy.

  • To propose versatile solutions that meet the Customer’s necessities and reduce his expenses.

IRON NAVY COMPANY’S values are based on the following issues:

  • To act only according to the Human Rights Charter of saving lives.

  • To keep the Customer safe.

  • To be dedicated to the mission and its cause.

  • To comply with all rules and regulations of States.

  • To be reliable and provide value for money, thus creating long-term relationships with the Customers.

  • To maintain small top quality security teams equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

  • To recruit only the very best personnel.


“Our mission is to provide security services for our valued Customers to ensure that they are endowed with a feeling of being safe and secure, and use business to inspire and implement effective solutions.

To connect the world’s military professionals to make them more productive and provide security service extends throughout the Worldwide.”