The main service, that we provide is the provision of Land and Maritime security around the world. We stand ready to provide our team of operatives with extensive working experience in the High-Risk Area and conflict zone. All our security operators are former military personnel with experience in the Army and Naval forces. The Iron Navy security advisors’ team have professional equipment, ready to respond to any type of emergency. They participate in advanced security preparations and perform the day-to-day protective security functions. Also, they are members of the Emergency Rescue Team.

Our team is not only able to provide protection against the terrorist threat and/or piracy attack, but also help in the event of the fire, as well as provide professional medical assistance to the victims. All security operators are qualified rescuers extensively trained in firefighting.

Iron Navy Company’s fire protection professionals offer a wide range of front line firefighting services, from fire containment to the medical emergencies till to rescue.

In addition to the described above, they all have been expertly trained on fire prevention, firefighting, and evacuation.