Iron Navy Company is a strong supporter of regulatory compliance within the independent States and maritime security industry and works closely with governments and international bodies.

Your privacy matters to Iron Navy Company, that`s why our privacy policy and process in line with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


Iron Navy Company is unique in terms of the quality of its personnel and is always committed to the individual and collective professionalism of all personnel to maintain this standard.

Iron Navy Company operates at the highest end of the ethical spectrum for private security companies. Our security activities are carried out with professionalism, adherence to the rule of international law, accountability, transparency, and the maintenance of the highest ethical standards.

Iron Navy Company personnel all fully understand their responsibility to respect the culture, religion and ethnic customs, human dignity and human rights of the communities and countries they work in. They are, to the best of their ability and wherever possible to rigorously oppose the violation of these rights.

Iron Navy Company recognizes that an increased demand for security and protection of property and persons must be combined with strict respect for democratic laws and the legal protection of citizens, wherever they are operating.

Iron Navy Company follows the International Code of Conduct and Ethics which constitutes an assurance of the maximum necessary degree of professionalism and quality towards Customers, personnel, companies, organizations, governing authorities, and individuals with whom Iron Navy Company comes into contact in its activities.